Annie Parker Decoded is a must-read for anyone whose family has been touched by cancer. It’s a compelling portrayal of one woman’s struggle to overcome adversity and fight for herself and for those she loves. Annie’s is a story of hope, courage and grace that will touch your heart and stay with you long after you have finished reading her book.”
Sue Friedman, Executive Director, FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered
Author, Confronting Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer


Annie Parker Decoded is the compelling and remarkable story of a passionate and fiercely determined woman who glared cancer straight in the eye and refused to be beaten by the insidious disease. At times humorous but always poignant, you’ll find yourself cheering exuberantly for the amazing and unsinkable Annie Parker.”
Paul Alofs, President and CEO, The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation


“Though there are as many cancer stories as there are people who’ve encountered this awful disease, Annie Parker’s own unique journey stands out. This enlightening , even enjoyable book has many heroes, plot twists, hopeful highs and devastating lows, but at the heart of Annie Parker Decoded is an exceptional woman: funny, strong , beautiful and vulnerable. Annie’s courage is only matched by her humanity, and by sharing her story she’s given us all a remarkable gift. The gift of Annie.”
Erin Davis, Radio Host and Writer


Annie Parker Decoded captures the stark reality of people facing cancer and the struggles of those trying to find answers when cancer rips apart families. Her courage and determination are an inspiration to us all. Willow is proud to partner with Annie to ensure that people facing hereditary breast and ovarian cancer in Canada have access to support and information through the wisdom and help of others who have been through it.”
Jeff Beach, Executive Director, Willow Breast and Hereditary Cancer Support


Annie Parker Decoded is a compelling work, highlighting important clinical developments in breast cancer alongside the touching and sometimes tragic life events of Annie Parker. This memoir tells the story of Annie, whose intellect, curiosity and passion superseded the science of the time to drive scientists to find meaningful solutions for families who were, are and will be touched by hereditary breast cancer. It is a must-read for anyone touched by or interested in cancer. “
Kim Thiboldeaux, President and CEO, Cancer Support Community


“Who would expect to be inspired, entertained and educated by a book about genetics, cancer and dying? As you move through the life of Annie Parker, you will laugh, cry, wonder, reflect and relate. Just when your heart is about to break, you will be swept away into a world of passion, humor and ordinary life. Annie Parker Decoded is a significant read for anyone who has been touched by cancer. Patients, family, friends and doctors alike will gain insight, wisdom and hope through a book that successfully intertwines the facts of science and the emotions of life. This book will inspire you to look at life’s challenges as an opportunity to learn, grow and even make a difference. Be ready to be changed!”
Pamela Schunk, Cancer Conqueror


“At my very first meeting with Annie I was impressed by her great courage in sharing her deeply personal story. As I learned more of her life experiences and her darkest fears, I was reminded of how very many women and families have trodden this path yet borne their pain and fears in relative silence. Yet Annie Parker does not convey the impression of a victim. Her presence lights up a room and she is such an inspiration to others. And so it struck me: this story should be a movie. Our film dramatized the true story, but here are the actual events. They remain… truly inspirational.”
Dr. Mike Moss, Co-writer and Associate Producer, Decoding Annie Parker